There’s a reason tens of thousands of people leave it until the last minute to file their self-assessment tax return every year: it’s difficult to get it right, and scary to get it wrong.

That’s especially true if your personal finances are remotely complicated, such as if you run one or more businesses, own rental property or have income from savings and investments.

We’ve been managing personal tax returns for people in Dorchester for decades. If you provide Read Woodruff with the raw financial information, we’ll process it and complete your return with perfect attention to detail.

We’ll get every number in the right place, tick every box, and decipher the Government-speak that makes the system so hard to navigate. We’ll also make sure your return includes claims for every tax relief or allowance to which you’re entitled.

Ultimately, it’s about making sure you meet your statutory obligations, meet all the deadlines and pay only as much tax as necessary.

Our personal tax return service includes:

  • Preparation of your return
  • Tax reliefs and allowances
  • Submission to HMRC
  • Handling of follow-up queries.


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